Finding The Best Garden Cart: All You Need To Know

For many of you out there who tend to garden a lot, it is highly likely that you tend to go through a lot of plants, weeds, soil, and other products out there just make you garden what it is today, i.e. beautiful and well-kept. However, all of these products take up a lot of weight, so it can be really heavy when it comes to carrying them around with you wherever you go. Not to forget that it can be painful and annoying.

With that said, you might find it a good idea to invest in a garden cart. Similar to a wheelbarrow, garden carts are a great way to load up and transport your gardening items to and from the area, without as much sweat and tears to go around.

At the same time, though, it can be difficult to discern and pick out one that is the best for you. Hence, we are here to help! Learn more in this article about ways to find the best garden cart for you, as well as receive some suggestions to get you well on your way to a lovely, clean garden.That now said, let’s begin!

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Things to Consider When Picking Out Your Garden Cart

With the wide range of different carts out there, it can be a long, even daunting process to finding the best one for you. Even more so, wheelbarrows are very similar to garden carts, which puts you even further in the diversity of carts to choose from.

With that said, we are here to distinguish and clarify such differences to help you be more prepared once it comes time to tending to your garden:

Garden cart versus wheelbarrow. There appears to be a common misconception that garden carts and wheelbarrows are interchangeable with each other, but in actuality, that is not the case. Instead, there are many differences to keep in mind when debating whether to choose a garden cart or a wheelbarrow for you next gardening project.

#1. Shape

Normally, garden carts are straight and flat, with two or more wheels, thereby making it sturdier to stand up. Wheelbarrows, on the other hand, have sloping sides and usually no more than two wheels. The downsides for garden carts and wheelbarrows, however, are that they can be difficult to handle or less stable to keep up, respectively.

#2. Size And Strength


This relates to both garden carts and wheelbarrows, since both of them can come in either large or small sizes, depending on just how much you want to load up for planting. Strength-wise, having a larger garden cart or wheelbarrow is the way to go.

#3. Garden Soil

It also refers to the terrain, whether it is smooth, rocky, or uneven. As a rule of thumb, garden carts work better and easier on rocky soil, while wheelbarrows are more-conveniently used for smoother surfaces. Overall, it depends on the topography of your garden.

#4. Material​


  • Plastic. Often made from synthetic, polyurethane material, plastic is good for being resistant to outside weather, and generally durable. However, it needs to be thick enough to do so.
  • Steel. Incredibly strong, steel is able to last a long time, as long as it is prevented from rusting. It might require some work in order to avoid it from eroding over the long-term period.
  • Wood. It feels solid, and it can be subjected to some damage, but otherwise it is the least durable in this group. In addition, it can change shape when exposed to water or other similar materials.

#5. Tires

Otherwise known as “wheels,” the tires of a garden cart or a wheelbarrow need to be sturdy and stable, in order to last through long bouts of gardening. Having pneumatic, or “air-filled” tires are more likely to go flat, but at the same time are easily replaceable. Otherwise, solid-filled tires are better for tough, uneven surfaces, but not as easy to handle.

​#6. Easy Of Handling And Unloading


You might think that bigger means better, which can be true, but you will also need to consider whether you will be able to handle the weight. Granted, being able to load a lot of products onto your garden cart is a positive aspect, but if you cannot even lift or maneuver it around, then it defeats the purpose of efficient gardening.

​#7. Gas-powered Or Electric

This comes particularly in garden carts, which can be a huge life-saver when being used. Gas-powered ones are stronger than electric ones, but release more by-products into the environment, which might not be optimal. In the end, it is up to you.

Top Five Best Garden Carts

#1. Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Capacity Poly Rolling Lawn Cart


Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Capacity Poly Rolling Lawn Cart does a solid job of storing and using products for making your garden look its best, clean self. It is also lightweight in design, made from plastic and so able to be moved around with ease. All in all, it is low-maintenance, while also doing the work for you at home in your garden.


  • Stores up to 15 ½ gallons worth of gardening product, which is a good, reasonable amount to handle and move around.
  • Is made from plastic, thereby giving it a lightweight durability to it for a pleasant, long-lasting experience.
  • Is especially great for collecting garden by-products, including lawn clippings and other debris to keep your garden clean.


  • Tends to tip backwards, even without anything stored in it, so there is room to improve on its stability.


Suncast’s poly rolling lawn cart is a decent investment that I made: after receiving it in the package, I set about putting it to good use. Its 15 ½-gallon capacity is a good, sizeable amount to help clean up debris from the garden, and I like how it is rather durable from its plastic material.

Only thing that could be better is to have more stability, for it tends to tip backwards whenever it stands on its own.

#2. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart


With 10-inch pneumatic tires and a 600-pound storage capacity, Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart can put on a hefty load for any of your gardening projects. Its quick-release dump feature makes for a simple disposal of debris and other waste products from the garden, so that you do not have to manually make the effort all by yourself.

Its padded pull handle is a bonus, so that you can feel more comfortable pulling otherwise heavy material during your gardening work.


  • Contains of large, 10-inch pneumatic tires that are easier to handle and easy to replace in case they go flat.
  • Can take up to a whopping 600 pounds of products to satisfy your gardening needs.
  • Has a quick-release dump feature for easy disposal, so that you do not need to put in all of the work.


  • Assembly can be difficult to do, which can be very frustrating.


This dump cart from Gorilla Carts was very impressive, having successfully carried all of the necessary gardening products that I needed over to my garden, as well as storing a hefty load of waste products afterwards. The quick-release dump was a pleasure, making my life much more convenient for disposing debris.

Granted, assembly took over two hours, during which I was ready to give up, but I am glad that it worked out in the end.

#3. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart


Also from Gorilla Carts, Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart can hold up to a whopping 1200 pounds of gardening material, all the while made from a rust-resistant poly bed, steel frames, and black finish coating to it for simplicity and elegance. It has a padded convertible handle that can be either pulled by hand or fastened to a truck for even more ease.


  • Holds up to 1200 pounds of gardening items for the ultimate storage capacity.
  • Made from sturdy material, including a rust-resistance poly bed, steel frames, and finished off with black coating for style and durability.
  • Its padded convertible handle can be used by pulling with the hand or attached to a moving vehicle to move from place to place.


  • Is likely to rust, even with its black coating on the outside of the cart.


I found this cart from Gorilla Carts extremely hefty, being able to store even more things inside of it than I had imagined. It feels sturdy, and its padded convertible handle was a lovely touch, as I used it for pulling both by hand and also by hooking it up to my pickup truck to drive to another site for use.

However, after a while of using it, I have noticed it starting to rust a bit, which probably requires a good repaint.

#4. Smart Garden Cart, Black


Already assembled upon arriving in its package, Smart Garden’s black cart is simple, but rugged and easy to handle for just about any gardening project you decide to do in the near future. Although it is lightweight, it is also sturdy, so you will not need to worry about it breaking down during your next gardening activity.


  • Is already pre-assembled upon receiving it, so no need to waste time putting it together; you can get right to gardening immediately.
  • Is both lightweight and sturdy.
  • Is easy to handle, regardless of its weight and material.


  • Can be a bit on the small side, especially for taller people. The handles might be too short for them.


I was very happy to open up the package and see Smart Garden’s black cart already assembled for me to begin using right away; I loaded it up and was off to work! Despite being lightweight, it holds up really well with just about any material I put in it.

Granted, it is a bit small, but I am not that tall of a person, so I had no problem with it.

#5. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor
Utility Wagon


Although this product from Mac Sports is called a “wagon,” it still has the properties of a garden cart with its massive storage capacity to be able to satisfy your gardening needs. What makes this particular item distinctive is its foldable interior, which can be opened up and closed for storing items and being stored away when not in use, respectively.


  • Has a foldable feature, so that you can both store items and store it away in a compact position.
  • Is roomy in size and holds up to 150 lbs. worth of gardening material.
  • Accessories come with an adjustable handle and two mesh cups to carry beverages should you be working long hours with few breaks.


  • Becomes difficult to pull at 40 lbs., which defeats the purpose of its 150-lb. maximum load.


Overall, Mac Sports’ utility wagon is essentially like a garden cart, as it is able to store plenty of gardening materials whilst you tend to your lovely garden. I like how it is foldable, so that it can be stored away in a compact position when not in use. Its handles are adjustable for any height and even comes with beverage cup holders, should you ever need them!

Only downside is that you really cannot carry more than 40 lbs. worth of material, or else it is difficult to move.

Winner Of The Roundup


Altogether, the winner of this roundup goes to Smart Garden Cart, Black (#4). While simple in design, it is nevertheless lightweight to easily carry around, along with being sturdy in its material to last a long time. Additionally, it is easy to handle, and overall it makes for a pleasant gardening experience at home.

Have you found this breakdown helpful? If so, please let me know in the comments. Be sure to share your own recommendations!

Happy gardening!

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