How To Landscape Your Front Yard- With Style!

Are you thinking about trying your hand at landscaping? Perhaps you have a front yard that is lacking a bit of style and would like to spruce it up? If you answered “yes” to either of these two questions, then maybe it is time to start!

Granted, landscaping your house requires a combination of architecture, design, and construction, all of which might at first make you overwhelmed. However, we are here to help! In this article, we’ll teach you how to landscape your front yard, in order to make it the most appealing thing on the block for your neighbors to envy. Let’s begin!


​What You Will Need For This Tutorial

  • A driveway. While it will depend based on each home structure, having a driveway, even a small one, that leads to the front of the house is not a bad idea, as it will give you a lot of materials to work with when landscaping.
  • Different kinds of plants. From trees to flowers to shrubs, having a variety of plants is a surefire way to spruce up your front yard; they are relatively easy to plant and maintain while also making the place look vibrant and attractive to others. For more information on types of small trees for landscaping, please check out this article.
  • Front porch. Perhaps you have or don’t have a front porch, but in any case, having some sort of entry way into your house is important for giving a good impression to people, so having this aspect will give you something to do for landscaping.
  • Accessories. Just like with plants, having accessories offers plenty of options for personalizing your front yard into the way you like it. Accessories is a very broad, general term, as anything from furniture to statues even to treehouses are considered belonging to this category.
  • An eye for pattern and style. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally gifted with this talent: some might know exactly which colors to pair for the house while others struggle to find a good pattern for the curb. However, all is not lost, as you can train yourself to have an eye for them by reading up on books and articles (including this one!) to learn more about them.
  • A pair of landscaping boots. to keep your feet clean and safe.

How To Start Landscaping Your Front Yard

#1. Curb Your Appeal​

​It all starts with the driveway: ask yourself if you would like it to be a straight shot to your front door or have it twist and turn into a winding path for some character? It is a personal choice between practicality and style, as it will depend on how your circumstances are at the moment.

At the same time, you will also need to consider how wide it needs to be: do you want to allow cars to park up front, or reserve it only for pedestrians to come up to the house? Taking this aspect as well into consideration will help you figure out measurements, whether big or small, that you will want to have the driveway be. In the end, it is up to you!​

#2. Select And Plant Your Plants


When it comes to choosing different types of trees, flowers, and shrubs to dot your front yard’s landscape, it can certainly be a daunting process. However, to make your life easier, you will have to take into consideration your own gardening endeavors, whether you like to constantly take care of your plants or prefer convenient, low-maintenance ones?

Certain flowers like roses, asters, and dahlias tend to require some caretaking while others such as jasmines and mahonias do not need as such. It will ultimately depend on the convenience, as well as the amount of space and effort you are willing to put into creating a good color scheme for the front yard.​

For some more high and low-maintenance flowers, here is an article to help you out.​

#3. Design The Entryway

Besides having a good driveway, the next thing that attracts people to your home is the entryway, or the front porch and door. Again, some homeowners might not have a front porch, but for those who do, you might want to think about adding some charm to it.

For instance, you might like to have simple, but rustic white steps to walk up to the front door. Or perhaps you can have a gorgeous lamp that not only looks classic, but also is used for practicality, lighting up when it gets dark at night. Some people might even opt to place a few chairs and a table for a great reading place!

On the other way, the design of the door itself can make a difference to the impression of your house. Think about what type of wood you want it to be made of, as well as what kinds of designs you want on it (panels? Shapes? Animals?). See if you also want a doormat, and also what sort of it to welcome your potential guests into your home.​

​#4. Create Borders


This point goes back to planting flowers and other plants in front of your driveway, as plants not only can make the front yard look aesthetically pleasing, but it also can be used to create borders for a crisp, clean-cut appeal. Having defined borders makes it simple while also easy on the eyes.

In addition, you can use other items like concrete to clearly mark the path to your house or even a row of lampposts along the driveway that will light up when you come home at night. You can opt to have them curve along the sides of the path as a way to trace them more clearly. In any case, these are all attractive to the senses and can offer you a more holistic front yard experience to enjoy in the future.

#5. Personalize Your Front Yard

Now that all of the big aspects like enhancing the driveway and entryway are out of the way, it is time to spice up the front yard with some details which, although small, can still make a difference in the place’s character and charm.​

This is not to say that you need to plant more flowers or trees (however, you are more than welcome to, if you feel like it!). Rather, you can add some accessories like a mailbox, statues, even furniture to personalize your area. Make it as weird or quirky as you like it; there is no limit to how far you can take your creation!​


Altogether, planning to landscape your front yard can be difficult to implement, especially if you have not yet had experience in doing so. While there are many logistics to work through (e.g. hiring professionals, designing blueprints), the actual design aspect of it does not need to be so hard if you have a clear idea of what to do- in fact, you can do it on your own!​

Here are some steps we have covered to consider when landscaping your front yard:​

  • Start with the driveway, as it is the first thing people see upon arrival.
  • Get a green thumb and start planting for curb appeal!
  • Add some character to your entryway, whether it be the front porch or door.
  • Make borders for an easier, clean-cut aesthetic.
  • Personalize your front yard with accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will recommend it to anyone who might share your enthusiasm for landscaping. Please share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

Shary Saunders

Shary Saunders is the founder and chief editor of Gardening and landscaping have been her passion for years. You can find Shary on Twitter at @SharySaunders. Read more about Shary here.

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