How To Find The Best Hybrid Table Saw? All You Need Know!

For woodworkers out there, including yourself, perhaps you are nothing but passionate to your craft, dedicating hours upon hours to woodwork and producing some of the best cabinets, tables, even artistic sculptures to win the affections of family, friends, and others who choose to buy from you.

Not a day goes by without you in the toolshed and for that, you consider yourself quite content. That said, there is a lot to say about woodworking when it comes to the different types of tools you need in order to get started.

From hand saws to block planes to everything in between, your toolshed is stocked with tons of different tools that you use on a regular basis for different functions, as means of crafting out what you want in your items.

However, you might have what are called “contractor” and “cabinet” saws, which are separate entities with different usages; sometimes, you need both, and it can be a pain to constantly switch from one to the other at the same time.

The solution is to get a hybrid table saw, which essentially combines both of these saws into one for convenience. We are here to help you in this article to choose the best hybrid table saw, to make your woodworking experience all the more convenient and pleasurable.

Without further ado, let’s begin!​

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Hybrid Table Saw

First things first, you will need to consider just a few aspects before you go ahead and purchase your ideal hybrid table saw. It is not a matter of rushing into it and picking out the most expensive or most reputed brand, for that can leave you disappointed in the end.

By taking the time to iron out your options, you will be able to choose wisely and be satisfied with it in the end. Down below, we list just a few aspects to look into for your next hybrid table saw:

#1. Assembly Time

You might at first wonder why would assembly time make a difference in terms of purchasing the item, but in fact, it is quite an important aspect.

Convenience is the concern, and so if you end up getting a hybrid table saw that takes four hours to assemble, then you might want to reconsider getting it in the first place.

That said, looking for a hybrid table saw that does not require half as much time as others can relieve you of having to spend the effort of setting it up, and more time actually using it. Trust us, you will thank us for it in the long run.​

#2. Precision

Of course, just like with any table saw out there, it is essential that it is not only sharp, but also precise when it comes to cutting through even the thickest of wood.

Precision allows for the machine to make cleaner cuts, as well as prevent any mistakes from happening to give you a product that you can be satisfied with.

Hence, precision is a matter of looking at how fine the teeth of the saw are, as well as the energy it requires for each sort of thickness of wood you feed into it.

Paying attention to the fine details will go a long way, as you will end up picking out a solid hybrid table saw that can be used for a long time.

#3. Features And Accessories



Aside from the essentials such as what has been listed above, looking into a more customary hybrid table saw will be a good idea to capitalize on.

While such features and accessories might not be obligatory for the sake of cutting wood, nevertheless they are good aspects to use as means of making your woodwork experience just an extra bit more convenient and enjoyable.

Here are some which we list below:​

1. Mobile Base

Especially if you tend to move around a lot in your workspace, then it is not a bad idea to have a hybrid table saw which reflects that, as well as can be adjusted to accommodate for it.

Consider it as an option if you need something light and portable in your toolshed; the mobile base will be great for that.

2. Storage Hooks

If you tend to have limited space in your toolshed, then storage hooks are an excellent item to have to store things like the miter gauge or the fence gauge, as well as save space in the meantime.

It certainly helps to be at once convenient and economic for woodworking!

3. Miter Gauge

While some might call it a “ruler,” the miter gauge is more specific than that, in that it is used to set a saw at a desired angle before it is used for work.

That said, there is no more need to estimate, let alone “guesstimate” the exact angle for cutting into wood; the miter gauge is here to do that.

4. Collapsible Outfeed Table

This specific feature refers to the outfeed accessory, which literally feeds out wood product after it has been cut.

Granted, having one can be burdensome, especially when it requires storing it afterwards, so having one that can collapse will be great at saving space and easy to pop out and use anytime.

5. Kerf Blade

Whether it is thin-kerf or full-kerf, having this type of blade, especially those between 30 and 40 teeth, can give you more efficient results, due to its sharpness and precision. It is worth giving a try, should you have the time to experiment!

#4. Power And Durability

Sounds like an obvious, but of course you will need to find a hybrid table saw which is powerful enough to cut through even the thickest of wood, as well as being able to last a good amount of time, as means of being worth your money!

By choosing well, you can bet that you will be happy and well-satisfied in the end.

Top Five Best Hybrid Table Saw

#1. DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity and Rolling Stand


With a rack and pinion fence system for fast and smooth adjustments, Dewalt’s 10-inch table saw is well-equipped to help you have an easy and pleasant woodcutting experience.

Not only that, but also it has a 15-amp motor to rip through even the toughest of wood without any problem. Finally, it has a dust-collection port to help clean up debris, so that you do not have to!


  • Has a rack and pinion fence system for fast and smooth adjustments.
  • Has a 15-amp motor to rip through the toughest of wood.
  • Consists of a dust-collection port to clean up debris.


  • Miter slots are not parallel, which can cause operation problems.


Dewalt’s 10-inch table saw was smooth and efficient, which pleasantly surprised me when I first put it to use.

I also really liked how powerful it was, for it was able to rip through even the thickest of wood I fed it.

​My only gripe about it was that the miter slots are not parallel, which made it a bit difficult to operate at times.

#2. Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table


Shop Fox’s hybrid table saw is the best in its class in that it contains a ton of useful features and accessories, from the precision-ground cast iron table to the T-slot miter gauge for a smooth and hard-working product.

Aside from that, its low-friction extension table offers a convenient and safe space for operating on wood, so that you do not have to worry about potential dangers when doing so.


  • Has a precision-ground cast iron table.
  • Contains a T-slot miter gauge for a precise and smooth operation.
  • Has a low-friction extension table for a safe woodworking experience.


  • Angle settings might be a bit off, so not as precise as imagined.


Shop Fox’s hybrid table saw was great in that it came with an extension table, so that I could keep more items on there than normal. I thought its low-friction feature was excellent, and I felt completely safe using it.

​However, my biggest problem was with the angle settings, which could be off as much as 10 degrees, which was a bit discouraging.

#3. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity - 120V


​Light at a mere 22 kilograms, this other product from Dewalt is easy to carry around wherever you need to work, thereby very convenient for you.

Thanks to its multi-featured settings, it offers as accurate as possible the slice you need to dig into that wood for the cleanest cut possible: such features include front and rear fence lock and large and clear scales.

Finally, its 1850-watt motor offers a powerful, clean rip through the toughest of wood material.


  • Light and portable at 22 kilograms.
  • Has front and rear fence lock and large, clear scales for accuracy and precision.
  • Powerful with an 1850-watt motor.


  • Some parts of the material are made from plastic, which questions durability.


This other product from Dewalt was nice and light, which pleasantly surprised me upon using it. Not only that, but also I liked just how accurate and powerful it was at ripping through the thickest of wood I fed it, which was an amazing experience. 

​However, I was a bit iffy with the plastic material on top of the machine, which makes me wonder if it will hold up in the long run.

#4. Jet 708492K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife


What makes Jet’s table saw distinctive is its riving knife, which maintains close blade proximity to make sure that kickback is reduced, i.e. for safety purposes.

Besides that, it has an exclusive leg stand design for easy assembly and storage, so that you do not take up too much space in the process.

In addition, its heavy-duty cast-iron table with a miter gauge slot allows for precision and durability to co-exist with each other, contributing to an excellent woodcutting experience.


  • Has a riving knife which is close to the blade for a safer operation.
  • Contains an exclusive leg stand design for easy assembly.
  • Has a heavy-duty, cast-iron table with a miter gauge slot for precision and durability.


  • Does not work as well for larger-scale projects.


Jet’s table saw turned out to be both a powerful and a safe one to use, thanks to its riving knife and exceptional miter gauge slot.

​I had no problem with assembling and packing it up, which is an A-plus in my books. However, it is best for smaller projects, rather than larger ones, so it depends on what you tend to do.

#5. Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand


Bosch’s table saw is unique in that it has a gravity-rise stand for both portability and stability, as well as high-precision cutting at over 3600 rpm.

In addition, its cutting table handles go up to 25 inches wide, which is good for larger-scale operations. Finally, it is an easy work object to move around, for convenience and pleasure.


  • Has a gravity-rise stand for portability and stability.
  • Contains high-precision cutting at over 3600 rpm.
  • Has cutting table handles up to 25 inches wide.


  • Does not come with dust management.


I found Bosch’s table saw to be quite efficient, let alone wonderfully portable: I have had no problem carrying it around with me all over my workplace when necessary.

Super powerful as well, and I suppose the only thing it could improve on is its dust management, perhaps install an outfeed table for that.

Winner Of The Roundup


​The winner of this roundup goes to Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand (#5).

It is a solid hybrid table saw which is not only powerful, but also portable for use just about anywhere you want. If you decide to buy a hybrid table saw, then consider this one for your next purchase.

Have you used one of these hybrid table saws? Please let us know in the comments below if you found this article helpful, and share it with your foodie friends.

Happy woodworking!

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