Finding The Best Grow Tent For Your Garden

Perhaps you love to garden, but with the fact that you constantly move around or are traveling throughout, managing to maintain a garden while you are away can be challenging, let alone impossible to do. Yet, you cannot help but continue to be passionate about this hobby, and would like to figure out how to keep at it while moving about.

​That being said, there is a solution: you can still continue to garden by using what is known as a grow tent. Similar to a grow box, grow tents are a canvas-like object which can be easily set up and provides all of the equipment necessary to make a small garden, from the grow lights to the CFM fans to the carbon filtering system. Even better, it is portable, so that you can bring it around with you wherever you go.

​In this article, we are here to help you figure out just which grow tents will be good for you, as well as offer suggestions from our top-picked list to get you started. Soon enough, you will be able to grow just about anything in the grow tent in the near future. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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All You Need To Know About Grow Tents


While not a new way to portable gardening, grow tents have plenty of benefits and ways to go about being used. Here is some more information on this particular gardening product:

#1. ​Benefits

​There are a variety of different bonuses when it comes to using grow tents. Here are several of them:

  • Temporary and/or semi-permanent. As previously mentioned, having a grow tent which is temporary or semi-permanent is a good way to carry around with you should you ever decide to move away and/or constantly travel. That said, you can enjoy all of the benefits of gardening while still being out and about!
  • Creates and traps heat. By having a contained space for growing plants, grow tents trap heat which creates a mini-climate for certain plants to foster and flourish from such conditions. As a result, such plants can grow and thrive longer than those which are left out in the garden with the occasional sun.
  • Alternative to greenhouses. In a way, grow tents are a smaller, less-costly version of a greenhouse, of which are ideal for larger, complex growing conditions, but not so much in terms of portability and price. That said, grow tents are more convenient for many gardeners on a budget for landscaping purposes (and in style!) and on space.

#2. Things It Can Grow


Grow tents can foster a large variety of different plants, flowers, and crops. Here are some just to name a few:​

#3. Tips On How To Grow Items

While the process of using grow tents to cultivate items, nevertheless here are some tips to help you make the most out of the experience:​

  • Location is key. Since your plants will need good access to water and lighting, setting up your grow tent near a water source and a power circuit is ideal to do.

    Also consider putting it over non-smooth surfaces, e.g. not hardwood floors or tiles, in the case that something spills and can cause electric damage. At the same time, keep it accessible for tending to the plants.
  • Check out the quality of the tent. Before purchasing it, you might want to see how the tent holds up. Of course, it should be sturdy when set up, to be able to withstand harsh conditions such as rain and wind if put outside.

    Take a look at the front zipper to make sure that it does not easily snag, since you will be using this one the most to access your plants. Rule of thumb is to avoid cheaply-made tents and instead investing in an extra bit of money for a better-quality, longer-lasting item.
  • Consider venting and lighting set up. Venting is a good way to circulate airflow throughout the tent, for at times it can get a bit too stuffy for the plants. Setting up lights is also encouraged, for they will be the source of heat for the plants to flourish.
  • Purchase meters and hangers. Since temperatures can fluctuate at times, having a thermometer and humidity meter to check for these fluctuations can help you remain alert and react to the changing conditions by figuring out a solution for them.

    In addition, hangers are good items to have, as means of keeping things organized and uncluttered in an otherwise smaller space than usual.
  • Give plants room to grow. Since your garden will take up the majority of the tent space, you will also need to consider having enough room to store other items, such as gardening tools and toolsheds for supplementing the grow tent.

Top Five Best Grow Tents For Your Garden

#1. VIVOSUN 48"x48"x80" Mylar Hydroponic
Grow Tent


With a 95 percent-reflective mylar lining for improving light setups, as well as made from an extra-heavy 600D tearproof material, VIVOSUN’s grow tent has plenty of different features for you to ensure a smooth, enjoyable growing experience.


  • Is quick and easy to install; no experience needed to do so.
  • Has an easy-to-access door with a heavy-duty zipper to ensure a convenient, long-lasting tent opening.
  • Thick and high-quality material that is sturdy and tearproof, able to withstand just about any forces out there.


  • Might not be able to hold more than forty pounds of items inside the garden.
  • Can have some lighting problems from time to time.


I found VIVOSUN’s grow tent to be pretty helpful, especially when it came to its easy, straightforward way of setting it up and using it. The thick material from which it is made also puts me at ease.

However, I can only create a small garden in there, since it does not seem to be sturdy enough to hold more than fifty pounds of plants.

#2. Oshion 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent


Lightproof and waterproof, Oshion’s small grow tent is great for keeping even indoors, containing a mylar lining to keep light from escaping and a reflective material for keeping away water, respectively. The setup is tool-free, thereby saving you the hassle of wrestling with the grow tent, let alone asking for professional help.


  • Has a mylar lining for a lightproof feature, i.e. prevents light from escaping the tent, thereby retaining the warmth to nourish the plants.
  • Made from reflective material inside to keeping out any water that leaks or otherwise gets into the tent.
  • Contains two vents for better airflow.


  • Might be smaller than some other brands, so you cannot grow anything too large in there.
  • Slight possibility that light could leak out of the tent.


Oshion’s grow tent was one that I enjoyed using, since I had no problem keeping 99 percent of the light inside the tent, thanks to the mylar lining. I also had accidentally spilled water all over the inside of the tent one time when I was gardening, but have to thank the tent for merely sliding it away with its reflective, shiny material.

Only wish is that the tent could be bigger, so that I could grow larger items instead of having to squeeze them in.

#3. iPower GLTENTXL1 Mylar Hydroponic
Grow Tent


iPower’s grow tent has features of portability, lightproof and waterproof aspects, and also heavy-duty durability, thereby making it an all-around product for any sort of gardeners, from novice to professional, to enjoy. There is also equipment inside for improved vapor and moisture control, as well as of controlling the temperature and humidity in there.


  • All-around features, including being lightweight, lightproof and waterproof, and durable.
  • Contains vapor and moisture control for thermostatic and meter adjustments.
  • Consists of hangers for better organization.


  • Considered a starter tent, in the sense that it is not too pricey, but it is also not as high quality as other brand models out there.
  • Zipper can be a bit finicky, thereby not allowing for smooth, easy access.


Although iPower’s grow tent is regarded as a “starter tent,” I actually found it quite useful to have around the garden, for many of its features—lightweight, waterproof, durability—worked perfectly with the garden that I was tending to; I also really appreciated the hangers that came along with it, so that I could put more items inside the tent for a more inclusive growing experience.

Only thing that I would change is the zipper, which I had problems with doing and undoing each time that I wanted to access my garden, as it got stuck and caught in the fabric frequently, thereby requiring me to tug at it for a while before it gave way to the touch.

#4. Best Choice Products Grow Tent


Consisting of a multiple-ventilation system as well as a massive door for easy access to the garden, Best Choice Product’s grow tent will save you the time and the hassle of getting in and out of the tent with ease, as well as not worry so much about the temperature changes for it can self-regulate throughout the day.


  • Has a large door for easy access to your gardening space.
  • Contains multiple vents for better heat and air regulation.
  • No zipper or light leaks from within the tent.


  • Tent assembly might be difficult for some, with some difficult instructions to read.
  • Zipper is a bit fragile, so you need to be careful when zipping and unzipping the tent.


Best Choice Product’s grow tent definitely goes for convenience, as I found myself able to walk in quite easily to the tent with its large entry door. I also enjoyed how I do not need to constantly check up and adjust the temperature and humidity inside, for the multiple vents signal the way for it to operate better.

However, I admit that it was slightly a challenge to get the tent set up, since the instructions were a bit hard to follow.

#5. ECO-WORTHY 48"X48"X80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent


The high-density meshes and vent screens of Eco-Worthy Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent are useful features which not only enhance airflow into the grow tent, but also keep insects out and the plants free from them. It also comes with a couple of poles for hanging lights, as means of optimizing the luminosity of the place.


  • Contains high-density meshes and vent screens to keep debris out and improve airflow, respectively.
  • Tent zippers trap all of the light from within, therefore no leakage at all.
  • Can hang up to fifty pounds of items on the poles which comes along with the package.


  • Some of the poles might be missing from the packaging.
  • Tends to unravel quite easily, thereby snagging on the zipper.


All in all, I found Eco-Worthy’s grow tent to be great that keeping aspects both inside and outside of the tent, e.g. light and debris, respectively. I was also able to hang a few heavy and hefty items from the poles beams that came with the tent itself, and it has saved me an incredibly amount of space, which I greatly appreciate.

The only thing would be that it frays rather easily, so I have to be careful when handling it in the future.

Winner Of The Roundup


For this article’s grow tent roundup, the winner goes to iPower GLTENTXL1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (#3). Its features are all-encompassing, from being lightweight but sturdy, and also lightproof and waterproof; it also comes with vapor and moisture control for temperature and humidity regulation, which makes it an ideal starter tent for many beginners while at the same time being a convenience even to the professional gardeners for convenience.

Altogether, iPower’s grow tent has the qualities and materials to make it an ideal tool for taking around your garden wherever you go.

​Happy gardening!

Shary Saunders

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