Choosing The Best Chainsaw Sharpener: All You Need To Know

Perhaps you use your chainsaw a lot when it comes to gardening, as means of being a wood router, or otherwise plowing through massive lots of weeds and other overgrown shrubs and leaves.

From small trims every day to heavy-handed cuts a couple of times per week, it is without a doubt that you tend to use a bow saw or even a chainsaw for the sake of keeping your garden in tip-top shape.

That said, it is important that your chainsaw remains in mint condition, in order to make your garden look good as well. After all, having dull blades can not only make it more difficult to slice through weeds and shrubs, but also it can pose a health hazard due to its dull state.

In other words, it can lead to improper operation, which then can result in a very dangerous risk to you and your garden!

What can be done to keep your chainsaw blades sharp? By using a chainsaw sharpener, of course! Because it is so important to keep the blades razor sharp, we have decided to compile a list of ways that you can find the best chainsaw sharpener, as well as offer you suggestions to get you well on your way.

Soon enough, you will be sharpening those blades and slicing through even the toughest of plants without much problem. Without further ado, let us get right into it!

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Chainsaw Sharpener

When it comes to finding the best chainsaw sharpener for you, there are many factors that go into the process. That is why it is essential that you look up beforehand what you need to do, in terms of your gardening lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you figure it out:

#1. Frequency


Depending on whether you use your chainsaw often or not, the frequency of use will greatly make a difference as to which type of sharpener will be the best investment for you.

For instance, if you do not use your chainsaw often, then a light chainsaw sharpener that can be used occasionally should do the trick. For more-frequent projects, a heavier version would be a better choice.

#2. Size


This refers to both the size of your chainsaw the size of the chainsaw sharpener: it comes as no surprise that the latter needs to be the right fit for the former: after all, it would not make sense to use a small chainsaw sharpener on a massive chainsaw. Not only that, but also it would be dangerous.

That said, you will need to look for the size of the chainsaw sharpener that more or less corresponds to that of the chainsaw itself. From small to medium to large, there is a wide variety out there for you to explore, so taking your time finding it will be a worthwhile investment at the end of the day.

#3. Hand-held Or Electric?


Now, the difference between these two types of chainsaw sharpeners is related to the frequency of chainsaw use, as highlighted in point #1.

For hand-held ones, it tends to be reserved more so for occasional chainsaw use, i.e. no more than once a week or month; putting some elbow grease into sharpening your blades from time to time does not take a lot of time and essentially is light work, at the very least.

On the other hand, electric chainsaw sharpeners are better for chainsaws which get used frequently: considering that it can be rather a pain to constantly sharpen the blades manually with a hand-held one.

Having an electric chainsaw sharpener instead can make it much more bearable for you, as well as keep you away from harm, since frequently use and sharpening can really take a toll on your energy levels; when tired, the last thing you want to do is put yourself at risk of being too close to the blades!​

#4. Bench Or Wall-mounted?


This point is not a matter of choosing between bench and wall-mounted chainsaws, but rather how they collectively are beneficial for sharpening chainsaw blades. Granted, this is more so for professional use, especially for those who tend to use their chainsaw often.

All the same, though, having something anchored and stable to the ground can make life easier when it comes to sharpening the blades, as well as being more precise in its sharpening at various sizes and shapes.

#5. Automatic Chain Advance System Or Not?

Often connected with bench and wall-mounted chainsaw sharpeners, having this extra feature can be super useful when it comes to faster speed and accuracy in whittling the blades into sharp condition.

Although it might come as an add-on, it is up to you to decide whether it would make for a worthwhile investment or not.

#6. Round, Square Or Crosscut Flat Files?


Finally, it is a matter of knowing how you would like your blades sharpened, i.e. in what shape and style. There are a few different file types out there, including round files for smoothing out edges while also keeping them razor sharp.

On the other hand, square files can give your chainsaw blades more of an edge for that extra sharpness for more-challenging activities. Crosscut flat files, however, more so adjust rather than sharpen the blades, for they work on the depth gauges to make sure that the machine operates smoothly and does not get jammed easily while in use.​

Top Five Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

#1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


Buffalo Tools’ electric chainsaw sharpener is excellent for mounting onto benches, walls, and just about any place at home for easy access and a safer chainsaw sharpening experience.

It is also easily adjustable, as well as having up to 4200 rpm grinding speed and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet for a smooth and convenient sharpening project.


  • Can be readily mounted onto benches, walls, and other flat surfaces for easier and safer access.
  • Has up to 4200 rpm grinding speed for a high-power sharpening experience.
  • Is adjustable to most chain designs.


  • Quality is a bit flimsy, which questions its durability.


In essence, I found Buffalo Tools’ electric chainsaw sharpener to be rather useful in being easily-mounted onto both my bench and even my wall at home; doing so beats having to constantly adjust it into place for a stable work surface.

It sharpens at a solid speed as well. Granted, the quality is not ideal, but for a light sharpening from time to time, this product will suffice.

#2. Timber Tuff CS-12V 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener


Made from anti-ageing and anti-impact material, Timber Tuff’s portable electric chain saw sharpener is sure to be a long-lasting tool that you would want to keep for your home.

With a high-speed motor and a high-efficiency point, it is a good choice to consider purchasing for a sharp and precise result at the end of the day.


  • Made from anti-ageing and anti-impact material for a sturdy, durable product.
  • Consists of a high-speed motor and a high-efficiency point for sharpness and accuracy, respectively.
  • Stays cool, even during the most strenuous sharpening activities.


  • Sharpener tends to loosen after a couple of uses, which poses a safety hazard.


Timber Tuff’s portable electric chain saw sharpener is convenient for carrying around with you at any time when it comes to sharpening your blades for the next use.

I like how it is made from sturdy and long-lasting material, as well as stays cool on its own even when in operation for a long time. However, it has started to loosen up, which can be a problem for future use.

#3. XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener w/ Brake


XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener w/ Brake offers a brake handle to hold the chain in place, so that it is set and stable for a safe, sharpening environment.

Not only that, but it also comes with a motor power of 85 watts and up to 4200 rpm for a powerful and rapid experience that is sure to make your chain saw blades in tip-top condition once it is all done.


  • Has a brake handle to hold the chainsaw in place while under operation.
  • Consists of a motor power of 85 watts and 4200 rpm.
  • Has a sharpening capacity of 0.8 to 0.5 inches.


  • Some parts of the material can seem cheap.


Once unboxed, I set about using Xtremepower’s electric chainsaw sharpener and so far have been relatively pleased with the results. The brake handle was a lovely touch, able to hold down the chain in place as I was sharpening it.

The power and speed were decent, but my only concern was that the material did seem a bit cheap, although I do not know if it will affect sharpening in the future.

#4. Oregon 5/32-Inch Chain Saw File - 2 Pack 40459


Comprising of a file diameter of 5/32 inches, Oregon’s chain saw file is small, but produces some of the most precise blades from doing so.

It is made from the finest steel material and due to its small size, it resists getting easily clogged with metal shavings. You can ensure a smooth sharpening process, as well as a smooth and sharp blade in the end.


  • Small and light at only 5/32 inches in diameter.
  • Made from fine steel material.
  • Is clog-resistant.


  • Can be fragile, even break easily.


At first, I was unsure whether such a small piece of material could sharpen a blade as large as my chainsaw’s. All the same, I decided to go for it and purchase Oregon’s chain saw file to give it a try.

Upon receiving and using it, I would now have to say that, despite its diminutive size, it can really fine-tune the blades to precision; so far, my chainsaw blades have been nothing but razor sharp!

Thankfully, the file comes in a pack of two, since after a couple of uses, the first file broke right off.

#5. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 3/16" Carbide Cutter


With a design that can sharpen each tooth blade in a matter of seconds, Timberline’s chainsaw sharpener is quick and efficient in getting that chainsaw sharp in no time, so that you can get right back into cutting down objects in your backyard.

Even further so, it has the ability to sharpen each tooth to the same size and shape for ideal uniformity, as well as is made from high-quality aluminum for a long-lasting experience.

Not to forget, this chainsaw sharpener is portable, able to be carried around for use anytime at any part of the day.


  • Sharpens each tooth blade in a matter of seconds.
  • Sharpens each tooth to the same size and shape in uniform style.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum to be able to last a long time.


  • Needs to be constantly adjusted in order to make each tooth uniformed.


Overall, I found Timberline’s chainsaw sharpener to be rather efficient, especially when it came to how quickly it sharpened each tooth: within a few minutes, it was all over! It certainly feels sturdy and durable, since after all it is made from aluminum.

My only gripe about this product is that I had to constantly adjust the machine to make sure that each tooth was sharpened equally, which can be rather of a hassle, particularly when it sharpens so quickly otherwise.

Winner Of The Roundup


All in all, the winner of this roundup goes to Timber Tuff CS-12V 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener (#2).

Versatile in its high-speed motor and high-efficiency point for agility and precision, respectively, such a product makes for a good candidate to consider for sharpening your chain saw’s blades. Not only that, but it is made to last a long time, as well as stay in mint condition for your pleasure.

Did this help you make your decision? Comment below and share these tips with someone you know!

Happy woodworking!

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